Our Story

In a cold December of 2018, Nile Flame kindled a podcast on Anchor, igniting conversations about urban culture from the backseat of a Buick in Fort Wayne, IN. The podcast sparked connections, drawing Majestic Gang together. In 2022, their dreams sprouted into MajesticGang.shop, a store housed within an abandoned mobile home in Bithlo, Florida. Initially, the shop showcased only wooden sunglasses, an embodiment of their fusion of nature and urban flair. The unique concept gained momentum, carving a niche. As 2023 dawned, Majestic Gang unveiled their ultimate creation: the world's first Natural Luxury Hip-Hop Shop. Beyond sunglasses, it housed an array of wooden accessories and handcrafted garments, each embodying high natural quality.The launch was an exultant crescendo, a testament to their journey from humble podcast beginnings to a trailblazing hub of creativity. Nile Flame and Majestic Gang not only captured the essence of hip-hop culture but also celebrated sustainable luxury, forging an inspiring legacy for those who dare to fuse art, nature, and passion.


Our Mission

Be the voice for those that forget theirs. Be the safe haven for those that forget how strong they are. Be the fuel for those with a passion to be an individual. Be the beacon of encouragement for those detached from their spirit. Lead all leaders to their original purpose, a supreme being of royal beginnings and be the constant reminder that you’re… “Born Independent with Royal Blood”

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Membership Levels

Level One

If ur reading this, CONGRATULATIONS, ur already at level 1. This level serves as the gateway into the Majestic Gang's world, introducing newcomers to its core values and beliefs. Through consuming content, members begin to resonate with the gang's message of embracing one's true potential and purpose. Follow us on social media.

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Level Two

Being part of the email list grants members access to exclusive updates, insights, and materials that foster a stronger sense of belonging. By opting for this level, individuals showcase their desire to be more actively involved in the Majestic Gang's community.



Subscribers gain access to premium content, personalized guidance, and a closer connection with fellow like-minded individuals. The Royal tier allows members to deepen their involvement and receive tailored support in their personal growth endeavors.


Membership Levels


 Emperors are individuals who have not only embraced the gang's principles but have also partnered with the organization to create content that aligns with the gang's message of embracing one's supreme being nature and original purpose. This partnership showcases a high level of trust and shared values between the member and the Majestic Gang.

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Membership Benefits


Full songs and albums with download.
*Level 2 and Royal Members*


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Access to private group
Access to Shop 24/7
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Exclusive videos, interviews, and bts content.
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50% off show tickets and free access to our private events.
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Free Merch

Autographed Albums
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1 Song


  • Lyrics/Beat
  • Artwork or Visual
  • Royal Splits
  • Promo & Marketing(non-paid)
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1-6 Songs


  • Everything in Jester Position
  • Marketing(Paid)
  • Studio Time[4 hours]
  • Photoshoot
  • Mixing and Promotion
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7+ songs and/or partnership


  • Everything in Jester and Knight Position
  • Access to more resources
  • Save Time On Production
  • Quality and Quantity
  • Unique Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • Merchandise Planning
  • LLC Setup
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Meet The Gang

Meet the Emperors and our other partners. We partnered with labels, recording studios and entertainment service providers to further our message to the world. We all came together with a singular goal to bring originality back to creativity.

Herman "Nile Flame" Woods


Tatiana "CueT" Cuellar

Creative Director